Linky Party

 There is a linky part over at Always First Grade where people are sharing photos of their classroom. I'm on spring break and I don't have any photos of my classroom at all! There are some really creative teachers out there so be sure to check out that party. And if ANYONE has any ideas about how to keep posters up on walls I would love to hear them. I have one cinder block wall and the others we aren't allowed to put staples into. Drives me crazy!


  1. My room was repainted over the summer and NOTHING sticks to the walls. Most of my walls are the kind you can't staple into. I use my hot glue gun. Things stay up pretty well, and when it's done you can just peel it off and it doesn't pull the paint off. A coworker also uses the glue dots you can buy at a craft store.

  2. I secretly use the hot glue too! (I know it's a big no-no, but really what choice to we have?)

  3. I have cinder block walls too- they're the worst! Hot glue is the only thing that works for me. If I jut want something up for the week, packing tape usually works too.


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