Any body else kind of freaking out about getting their classrooms ready? We have open house on Thursday and staff training every day next week. EEEEEEK! How will I get it done? I've been up late making to-do lists and trying to go with just getting the basics done! I seriously wish we had another week before school started!


  1. Well, when all else fails, you can do what I did and stuff everything in the closet! (if you have a closet! lol)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I second that motion ... all those in favor, say PLEASE! :-)

  3. like you wouldn't believe. I keep reading all these blogger posts that are sooooo ready and excited to go back and I'm like clawing the floor on the way out!

  4. oh girl! I hear ya! It will get done... eventually :)


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