Phonics Dance- Halloween version

Hey y'all- we are really chugging along with Phonics Dance. There is a Halloween version for October. There is also a seasonal version in case you have students who don't celebrate Halloween or your school doesn't allow it.

I listened to the Halloween version on the cd in my car for a few days, but I still had to use a cheat sheet the first couple of days in October. My kids caught on SUPER QUICK and they think a Halloween version is just a hoot! There aren't really hand motions for the Halloween version in the manual so I made up a few and so did my kiddos. 

In the Phonics Dance manual it suggests starting the "hunks and chunks" on week three. Well, it's like week six and we just started. Maybe next year when I'm used to the program I can be on the ball like that! So far we've learned "sh" and "ch." I'm so excited to see how my students use these hunks and chunks when they are trying to decode a word. I have high hopes because I still hear students sing parts of the song while they are writing and reading! (It really is too cute!)


  1. I am SO intrigued by this. Do you know if there are samples of any of the songs/dances anywhere?
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    1. There are examples on You Tube of students singing the hunks and chunks parts. I have loved that the Phonics Dance can be implemented no matter what reading program your district uses. And it's so EASY! Loving every bit of it so far!

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  3. I LOVE the phonics dance. I have used it for a couple of years and kindergarten uses it too so they already know most of it when they come to me. My class last year really soared in their scores in both writing and reading I believe b/c of the phonics dance. They will use those hunks and chunks ALL the time. Ginny Dowd the creator is wonderful to see in action with it. She is a teacher in Troy, Ohio. I live near Cincinnati and she came to a week long work shop that I attended. It was great. Her books are available online. Well worth the price. You can look on youtube for classes using it to see it done too!

  4. I love the Phonics Dance too! Ginny Dowd is an amazing teacher! I got to see her in action too and she's just so genuine! Just wait until you start seeing your kiddos use their chants when they're writing! It's great! My kid's scores also soared throughout the year!
    Such a great program!

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    1. I loved her instantly! She is so down to earth and teachery. She totally gets it!


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