What I Did Right This Week

I'm joining Angela from The Daily Alphabet for a little bit about what I did right this week!

It's the fourth week of school and my kids are really rocking' it! 

I finished ALL of my beginning of the year testing today so that was huge win for me. I'm huge pregnant and I'm starting to panic about getting my plans done for my long term sub. 

Last Friday I introduced Whole Brain Teaching oral writing using this Writing Rock Stars guide
So what the heck is oral writing with WBT? You start out using gestures for capital letters and punctuation as you speak. We practiced sentences with gestures and the kids had a great time! They LOVE using gestures and their journals have really fantastic sentences. Most of my students wrote five sentences-every sentence had a capital letter and every sentence had correct punctuation. Whoa- that's a lot for the fourth week of school in first grade. 
(I don't have a picture-WAAA!)

Can't wait to see what everyone else has done this week!

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  1. Can't wait to try this next week with my firsties! Thanks for the tip :)


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